If you are eligible you can sign up below to receive your policy.org.au email address.  There is no cost associated with this and you’ll automatically be added to the mailing group for your committee. Here is some important information you should be aware of:

  1. The email addresses take the form of <firstname.lastname@policy.org.au> and are normally activated within 24-hours of your application. A verification procedure ensures that only eligible people receive the email addresses.
  2. We will create for you a standalone email account (this allows complete control for you) and you will be able to receive, send and store all of your policy emails as you currently do with your existing account.
  3. Setting up the email address is very easy. Firstly, you will receive to your existing address a welcome email with instructions. You will then be able to use the supplied “wizard” and set up the account on your phone, iPad, PC, Mac, etc. Using the wizard actually makes it easier than setting up a Hotmail account. Basic help is available if you struggle to get your account working.
  4. Note that your email address can and will be revoked at any time, should it be deemed that you are no longer eligible.
Please fill out this short form to get the process underway.